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About us

Our Approach


We understand pain is complex and may have multiple inciting factors. In order to target these sources accurately, our assessment and intervention are based upon current international recommended practices.


We know not all our patients may afford expensive treatment or medication. Sometimes an expensive treatment may not be the most suitable for your condition. We will explain to you the rationale behind our medical management prior to implementing anything.


In your pain management journey with Affinity Pain Clinic, we endeavour to be supportive. However, being supportive does not mean we will accede to every patient request; especially those that may undermine your pain management journey. We will, however, make effort to accord informed consent and respect patient rights and confidentiality at every step


Enabling you to live better everyday


We seek to apply up-to-date evidenced-based therapy, be cost-effective for every patient and advocate for every patient we attend to.

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The Affinity Pain Clinic is a subsidiary of The Anaesthesia and Pain Practice Pte Ltd

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Our Specialist

Dr Daniel Phang

Dr Daniel Phang is a Singapore-certified anaesthesiologist and pain management physician. He is proficient in assessing and managing pain conditions through the use of image-guided intervention. These conditions range from musculoskeletal and mechanical, to degenerative, accident-related or caused by various disease and illness. Dr Daniel is a firm believer that ultrasound guided assessment and intervention enhances bedside assessment and care of patients in acute and chronic pain. It reduces procedural time and is more accurate in identifying areas causing pain.


His past experience includes a year-long Pain Management fellowship with the renowned Toronto Western Hospital. This institution are pioneers of ultrasound-guided and evidence-based pain medicine practice. He was mentored by Prof Philip Peng and Dr Anuj Bhatia, world renowned names in pain management.

Dr Daniel
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Dr Daniel Phang is one of the very few local pain physicians who have obtained both FIPP and CIPS certifications from the World Institute of Pain.. As a consultant in Singapore General Hospital, he was actively involved in education, where he arranged and gave regular lectures on pain management topics. He has also been invited as lecturer and faculty for the prestigious NYSORA workshops and in the region.

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