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Specialist For Headaches Singapore

Headaches & Migraine

Specialist For Headaches In Singapore

Headaches, facial pains and migraines belong to the collective pain term -- headaches. A severe headache may usually be termed as a migraine, while facial pains are largely not well understood and described as “headaches”.

There can be varying causes of headaches and facial pains. For instance, medical implications such as nerve abnormalities, toothaches, sinus congestion or even brain conditions could be the reason behind head pains. These are often referred to as secondary headaches. Secondary headaches are a type of discomfort or pain in the head or face that is caused by an underlying medical condition. Apart from medical implications, headaches could also arise from minor causes such as wounded nerves, stress or neck discomfort. These type of headaches are known as primary headaches, which is characterised by pain felt around the neck and head due to inflammation.

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This constellation of aches and pain in the head may be mild, but more often debilitating and may occur regularly such that daily activities and life are affected. While simple paracetamol may be helpful in majority of cases, some of these headache syndromes may require either additional analgesia, specialised medication or even pain intervention. This is especially so for primary headaches, which may be a result of minor causes that could be difficult to diagnose. Hence, it is best to undergo a thorough examination and analysis with a specialist for headaches in Singapore to understand the cause of discomfort and determine potential treatment options.

To better understand your condition, it may also be worthwhile to have a headache journal detailing what the possible triggers are, the duration and frequency daily and the location. In this way, it may better assist in the medical consultation and diagnosis.

As pain in the head is often a concern, any facial drooping, limb weakness or associated falls/ trauma may warrant a visit to the Accident & Emergency for urgent treatment.

Specialist For Headaches
Headache Specialist Singapore

Facial Pains Treatment at Affinity Pain Clinic

While over-the-counter medications may be helpful in relieving headaches, it would be best to seek a specialist for headaches’ opinion in order to understand how to take medication more effectively, prevent overreliance on unnecessary opioid medication and when intervention may be necessary.

Moreover, those with persistent headaches that have been becoming more frequent or severe should undergo a thorough diagnosis to better understand the root cause of the pain and rule out or identify any possible medical conditions.

At Affinity Pain Clinic, we are a reliable medical clinic in Singapore that seeks to provide cost effective evidence-based therapy for every patient we attend to. Our headache treatment follows a comprehensive procedure that includes an evaluation, physical examination, advanced imaging and specific treatment options tailored to your needs. We pride ourselves in always putting our patients first and serving them with the utmost respect for their safe recovery.

If you would like a closer assessment of your headache, do make an appointment for a consultation with Affinity Pain Clinic at +65 6429 1335 or +65 8023 3065.

  • What triggers headaches and migraines?
    Headaches, migraines, and facial pains have a variety of triggers. Primary headaches arise from intrinsic pain mechanisms in the head. This mechanism may be triggered by many factors including cold weather, dehydration, stress, poor posture, physical activity and certain foods. Secondary headaches are caused by underlying diseases.
  • When should I be concerned about a migraine or headache?
    It is important to seek urgent medical assistance from a specialist for headaches in Singapore if you are experiencing the following symptoms: When the headache is 'the worst ever'; also described as a 'thunderclap' headache Accompanied with fever and rash, a stiff neck and/or aversion to light Worsening with changes in posture, vomiting, coughing Progressively worsening Associated with recent head injury Changes in personality or neurological deficit such as weakness, drooling, drooping of eyelids Changes in character of headache Younger than 10 years or older than 50 years of age
  • What are some signs and symptoms of headaches and migraines?
    A headache may present as one sided, dual sided or a band around the head. It may have precursor symptoms such as metallic tastes, flashes of light or sounds, nausea/ vomiting or sometimes weakness. Chronic neck pain may also cause headaches. Seeking professional help from a headache specialist in Singapore such as Affinity Pain Clinic is recommended.
  • How do you get rid of headaches, migraines, and facial pains?
    Lifestyle assessment and changes are the simplest way to tackle most tension headaches. Medication is an option that can be discussed with your neurologist or pain physician. Occasionally, certain conditions may be treated with pain intervention and facial pains treatment. These include cluster headaches and trigeminal neuralgia.
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