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3 Signs You Should See A Doctor For Your Facial Pain

Updated: Jan 22

3 Signs You Should See A Doctor For Your Facial Pain

Facial pain is common and may originate from a particular area of the face or can radiate from another part of the head. The most common causes of facial pain are headaches and injuries. Hence, many people who experience facial pain often consult with a specialist for headaches. However, there are various other causes that may be responsible for your facial pain.

Some of these causes are more serious in nature and require immediate medical attention. Read on as this article enumerates three major warning signs that you need to consult a Singapore facial pains treatment specialist right away.

1. Jaw Pain and Stiffness

If you are experiencing jaw pain that radiates to your neck, head, or face, or stiffness in your jaw muscles, you should seek medical attention immediately, as you might have a TMJ disorder. The term “TMJ disorders” basically refers to those conditions that cause movement problems and pain in the jaw muscles and joints. Facial pain is one of the most common symptoms of a TMJ disorder.

An individual with a TMJ disorder may notice that the pain worsens while chewing. They might also feel their jaw being tender at the joint, even though it is not moving. Other common symptoms of a TMJ disorder include an uncomfortable popping, grinding, or clicking when moving the jaw and difficulty opening and closing the mouth, which can sometimes result in the locking of the jaw.

2. Abrupt Pain on One or Both Side of the Face

Facial pain that comes on abruptly is sometimes an indication that one has a chronic pain disorder called “trigeminal neuralgia.” Sometimes called tic douloureux, this condition affects the face’s trigeminal nerve, which has three primary branches that are responsible for giving sensations to the lower jaw, cheeks, lips, forehead, and scalp.

Usually, trigeminal neuralgia only affects one side of the face. However, there are some people who may experience pain on both sides. This pain can vary in nature from being a burning sensation or constant aching to an extreme stabbing pain. Doing certain actions or movements, such as eating and brushing the teeth, can cause a painful episode of trigeminal neuralgia to occur. This episode may last for a few days to weeks.

3. Inflamed Sinuses

If your facial pain comes with inflamed sinuses, then it is a sign that you have a “sinusitis.” Sinusitis is an inflammatory condition that happens when the sinuses become inflamed. It usually begins after a cold, but nasal allergies like hay fever can also inflame the sinuses. The inflammation inside these sinuses can cause blockages that result in a mucus build-up.

Among the most common symptoms of sinusitis are pressure, tenderness, and pain in the face, specifically around the cheeks, nose, and forehead. Usually, sinusitis clears up on its own without requirement treatment. However, there are instances when people’s symptoms last for at least 3 months. In that case, prompt medical attention is necessary for treating the chronic sinusitis.


Overall, individuals with severe and persistent facial pain that comes with a range of other symptoms should speak to a doctor since they may be suffering from a more serious condition, such as a TMJ disorder, trigeminal neuralgia, or chronic sinusitis. Although facial pain is common and is not usually a cause of concern, you should not totally neglect it because an untreated facial pain can possibly affect your overall health in the long run.

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