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4 Tips On Effectively Preventing Back Pain When Working

Updated: Jan 22

According to statistics, 8 in 10 people are likely to experience back pain at some point in their lifetime. Many of them will start to suffer from back pain while at work. This comes as no surprise at all since a lot of jobs involve movements (or lack thereof) that can cause discomfort. Examples of this are sitting or standing for long hours, driving, and lifting heavy objects.

Whether it is sharp and stabbing or just achy and dull, having back pain can make it difficult for you to concentrate on your job. For this reason, it is important to address your back pain as soon as possible before it worsens and totally impacts your performance. If you have been experiencing back pain for a while now, you should already consider seeking the help of a Singapore back pain specialist. You may also follow these simple tips on how to reduce your back pain at work.

1. Pay attention to your posture

The way you stand, sit, and carry yourself can have a direct impact on your spine and worsen your back pain problems. Although it is often easy to forget, try as much as possible to remind yourself not to slouch. Slouching basically causes your core, abdominal muscles, and back to become imbalanced and weakened, hence imparting a sense of misalignment.

To maintain a good posture while standing, stand up straight with your tucked back and down shoulders. When sitting, make sure your back is parallel to the chair, and keep both of your feet flat and your knees just above your hips. Whenever you are not working, it is also highly recommended to try yoga or pilates so that you can further improve your posture.

2. Have a back-friendly work environment

Having a good ergonomic environment is the key to preventing back pain. Whether you are at home or in the office, you can always foster an ergonomic space that supports good back health. For instance, if you sit for hours at work, you can place a small pillow behind your back to support good posture and ease the discomfort that comes with prolonged sitting.

On the other hand, if you stand a lot, the most important thing that you should keep in mind is your footwear. Supportive shoes that have cushions in their soles are excellent options for when your job involves standing for an extended period of time. Even when you are driving, you can still create a back-friendly environment by adjusting your seat height and moving your seat closer to the steering wheel to avoid hunching over.

3. Lift properly

If your job involves a lot of lifting, your persistent back pain might be attributable to improper lifting tehcnique. The proper way to lift or carry a heavy object is to get close to it, bend your knees, tighten your abdominal muscles, and use the muscles in your legs to provide support to your body as you stand up. Then, bring the object closer to your body, and maintain your back’s natural curve. Remember, never twist whenever you are lifting!

4. Take breaks from time to time

Taking breaks from time to time is essential to avoiding physical and mental exhaustion at work. It is not only your mind that benefits from work breaks but your body as well. Particularly, for a good spinal health, taking a break to exercise is a brilliant way to help prevent back pain. If possible, you should make it a habit every day to take a brief walk both in the morning and afternoon so that you can stretch your muscles and clear your mind.


Overall, the first step to eliminating or preventing back pain problems is to analyse your work environment and address the situations that might be hurting your back. Even simple steps like practising good posture, creating an ergonomic work environment, and taking frequent breaks can help preclude back pain and injury. However, if your back problems persist, the best course of action to take is to call the attention of a back pain specialist.

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