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5 Bad Habits That Could Be Worsening Your Neck Pain

Updated: Jan 22

5 Bad Habits That Could Be Worsening Your Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common condition that affects many people. According to statistics, one in three people around the world suffers from neck pain at least once a year. In Singapore, specifically, neck pain affects about one in every five individuals. Although neck pain may be caused by other conditions that call for a consultation with a neck pain specialist in Singapore, it may also be linked to something as simple as poor posture.

Indeed, neck pain is not always a result of complex issues, such as arthritis, disc degeneration, compressed nerve, or muscle inflammation. Sometimes, your habits could be the cause of the pain you are experiencing in or around your neck. To learn more about how your lifestyle could be the cause behind your discomfort or pain, read on as this article goes over some of the most common bad habits that may worsen your neck pain.

1. Lack of Physical Activity

Lack of movement can weaken your neck muscles and cause them to become stiff. To prevent neck pain from occurring, make it a point to engage in physical activities on a regular basis. Particularly, you should consider cycling, walking, and other cardiovascular exercises, as they can enhance circulation and blood flow to your spinal structures.

2. Poor Posture

Although slouching may seem more comfortable than sitting up straight, the comfort it brings is only short-lived. Over time, slouching can place additional strain on your neck and shoulders, which can then result in inflammation and irritation. Meanwhile, maintaining a good posture can relieve such strain by getting the joints and bones in your neck and upper back lined up, which also helps in distributing your weight evenly.

3. Carrying a Heavy Bag

Messenger bags and over-the-shoulder purses may cause uneven weight distribution that strains the muscles in your neck, shoulder, and upper back. This then causes your posture to misalign. Therefore, as much as possible, try to lighten the load of your over-the-shoulder bags. Alternatively, you may also use a backpack instead that can evenly distribute the weight and relieve tension.

4. Improper Phone Use

Your neck pain may worsen if you constantly look down at your mobile phone or bend your neck to hold up your phone between your ear and shoulder as you engage in a call. To prevent this, be sure to hold your phone at eye level so that you would not be constantly looking down, which strains your neck. When talking on the phone, utilise the speaker function to allow your spine to remain in a neutral position.

5. Smoking

Smoking destroys blood vessels, which makes it more difficult for blood to circulate. Because healing is dependent on the regular delivery of nutrients and oxygen to fix damaged tissues, these processes can be naturally delayed if you smoke. Moreover, based on research, smoking increases your risk of suffering disc problems in your neck. This can eventually lead to degenerative problems, which may result in compressed nerves and pain in both your neck and shoulder.


Although other medical conditions and traumatic injuries are among the common causes of neck pain, many people also develop neck pain symptoms as a result of bad habits that strain the joints and surrounding muscles of the neck. If you have been experiencing neck pain every now and then, you might want to re-evaluate your lifestyle habits and determine if any of them are causing the constant pain in or around your neck.

On the other hand, if you suspect that your persistent neck pain requires prompt medical attention, do not hesitate to reach out to Affinity Pain Clinic today. We are a reputable clinic that offers effective treatments for an array of pain conditions, such as neck and back pain, migraines and headaches, neuropathic pain, Golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow, and more. We also have one of the best of Singapore’s musculoskeletal knee pain treatments for those with arthritis and sprains.

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