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Managing Lower Back Pain: 4 Home Remedies You Can Try Out

Managing Lower Back Pain: 4 Home Remedies You Can Try Out

Lower back pain is one of the most common physical ailments that many people all over the world struggle with. In fact, studies suggest that up to 60% of the adult population suffers from lower back pain at some point in their lifetime. The prevalence of lower back pain can be attributed to various factors, such as bad lifestyle habits, ageing, strains, sprains, arthritis of the spine and more.

When lower back pain persists, it can interfere with and significantly impact your quality of life. In times like these, it is likely that you will be seeking some methods that provide temporary relief. Here are 4 home remedies that may help in alleviating some of that discomfort and pain you can try out.

1. Strengthen your muscles

One of the biggest misconceptions that people struggling with lower back pain have is that they are unable to stay active and should limit their movements as much as possible. However, that is not the case!

Being sedentary actually causes the muscles in the back and surrounding the spine to deteriorate. This can result in less support for the spine, which will often worsen the pain condition.

Your back is supported by strong muscles, especially those in your abdominal area. Your pain may be reduced and possibly avoided with the help of strength and flexibility training. A few exercises to strengthen your core and the muscles surrounding your hips that you may consider are yoga, Pilates, and tai chi.

2. Try heat and cold therapy

If swelling or inflammation in your back is bothering you, ice is typically the best home remedy option. On the other hand, if you are attempting to relax tense or stiff muscles, a heating pad can be more effective.

Experts advise keeping ice or heat treatments to no more than 20 minutes each. Additionally, avoid using them if you are applying skin lotions or ointments to treat muscle aches!

3. Encourage the release of endorphins

Endorphins are hormones that your body produces. Many people are not aware of the fact that endorphins assist in blocking pain signals from registering in your brain. Endorphins not only help with pain relief but also with tension and anxiety symptoms, both of which are linked to chronic back pain and frequently make it worse.

Your endorphin levels may increase if you engage in certain activities like aerobic exercise, meditation, or any other activities that you particularly enjoy.

4. Get plenty of shut-eye

The body’s tissues need to have adequate restorative sleep to repair and refuel its energy reserves. Your back discomfort may also get worse if you do not get enough sleep. Check out our article on the possible reasons why you wake up with back pain.

Try to sleep on your back and keep your spine in a neutral position. If you have trouble falling asleep anywhere other than on your side, try switching sides sometimes. Additionally, you should place your pillow beneath your head and neck rather than your shoulders.


For those suffering from lower back pain, know that you are not alone. You may consider trying out the 4 methods we have shared above to help alleviate some of your pain symptoms.

However, if you notice that your symptoms have persisted for more than three months or if the pain is disrupting your daily routine, consider seeking professional medical help from a lower back pain clinic such as Affinity Pain Clinic.

We are a back pain specialist in Singapore that offers a range of pain management treatments such as sports injury treatment, joint pain treatment, muscle tear treatment and more. We strive to provide each patient with current evidence-based therapy, be cost-effective for them, and aid in their recovery journey.

For more information, please feel free to get in touch with us by filling out the contact form here.


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