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Warning Signs To Seek Help For Your Neck And Back Pain

Updated: Jan 22

Warning Signs To Seek Help For Your Neck And Back Pain

Do you perhaps get neck or upper back pain after a long day of crouching in front of your desk at work? Or maybe you wake up with a stiff neck because of improper sleeping posture?

The unfortunate truth is that too many of us accept neck and back pain as an unavoidable part of life. While it is undeniable that back and neck discomfort does sometimes go away on its own, any or all of your pain symptoms can also indicate that you need to see a Singapore back pain specialist immediately.

So, the question lies – how do you know when you should seek professional help for your neck and back pain?

Pain that keeps you up at night

Most of us have experienced occasionally waking up with a stiff neck. When you have occasional moderate pains and aches, it is usually not a cause for concern. However, it might be concerning when you are suffering from severe neck or back discomfort that gets worse even after rest and keeps you up at night. Though they are typically not life-threatening, it would be best to get them checked and treated.

Moreover, neck or back pain that is accompanied by a fever may be a sign of an infection, which can get serious quickly. Prompt diagnosis and treatment are essential to prevent any further complications.

Nerve pain (sciatica)

Pain that radiates down one leg or arm is often one of the biggest tell-tale signs that your back pain is more serious than it seems.

Sciatica is a term used to describe pain, weakness, numbness, and electrical sensations that go down one leg. This is a result of nerve irritation, inflammation, pinching, or compression in the lower back. Similarly, injured nerves in the arms may also present as such.

Sciatica may indicate potential permanent damage to nerves, worsening back and leg discomfort if it is not addressed. The discomfort may eventually spread to other areas of the body as well. Hence, it is vital to receive proper nerve pain treatment in Singapore in order to prevent further nerve damage.

Chronic pain

Has your neck or back pain persisted for more than three weeks? If so, it is definitely a sign to get your pain accurately assessed. Muscle strain, whiplash injury and nerve compression are frequent causes of chronic neck discomfort. As for chronic back pain, they are usually caused by age-related issues, such as arthritis of the spine or spinal stenosis. Improper posture and muscle deconditioning are also common chronic back pain causes. For the younger active population, prolapsed intervertebral discs may also cause chronic lower back pain.

Avoid the mistake of putting off seeking treatment

Persistent and recurring neck and back pains are not just part and parcel of getting older. There is a cause for your pain and it should be addressed in a timely manner in order to prevent serious issues from arising. The longer you put off seeking treatment and continue living with the pain, the more likely your pain condition will evolve to be more complicated.

Eliminate the mindset that neck and back pain is a sign of weakness and visit a specialist today. At Affinity Pain Clinic, we specialise in applying evidence-based therapy to treat a variety of pain conditions, including sports injuries, tennis elbow treatment, muscle tear treatment in Singapore and more. With a personalised solution from our pain management specialist, we can help to improve your quality of life by treating the conditions that are causing you discomfort.

To schedule a consultation with us, please contact us at +65 6429 1335 or +65 8023 3065.


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