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Why Do Certain Joints In The Body Ache In Cold Environments?

Cold weather and joints have a complex but interesting relationship. When temperatures plummet, it is common for joints to ache and hurt. While it can be strange to have this happen to you or your loved ones, there are several compelling reasons behind this phenomenon. Read on to explore the fascinating explanations behind why you or your loved ones might experience joint pain in chilly weather.

Reduced blood flow

In colder temperatures, blood vessels constrict, limiting blood flow to muscles and joints, leading to stiffness and aches, particularly in areas like the knees. This reduced circulation deprives joints of essential nutrition and oxygen, causing discomfort.

Some individuals, especially older adults, find relief by using compression sleeves on knees and wrists to maintain warmth and ease joint pain, a popular and effective home remedy for aching joints during chilly weather.

Sensitivity in nerves

It is a known fact that changes in temperature can greatly affect the nerves surrounding your muscles and joints. Cold weather tends to cause nerves to become much more sensitive, which is one of the many reasons why certain joints in the body tend to ache in the cold.

Sensitive nerves often cause feelings of discomfort and aching due to their increased responsiveness to stimuli. While it may not be an actual ache, sensitive nerves often give off the same feeling as pain due to being strongly stimulated by the cold.

Muscle contractions

The human body is indeed an interesting specimen to behold -- able to make small adjustments in the face of various stimuli. But did you know that this aspect can cause those annoying dull aches during colder weather?

Your body can contract muscles in order to preserve and generate heat to counteract the cold weather! While useful in keeping you warm and comfortable, what this can also do is result in a sensation of tightness and stiffness.

Moreover, as muscles are made up of long fibres that insert into joints, muscle contractions can cause strain on your joints. Coupled with a lack of a warm-up and already cold weather, this can bring you another round of aches and pains exacerbated by the dropping temperatures.


In conclusion, understanding the connection between the cold weather and joint pain sheds light on the discomfort many experience during cooler weather. As blood vessels constrict, circulation decreases, which leads to stiffness and aches in joints like the knees, wrists, and more. Fortunately, there are practical solutions to alleviate this pain.

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