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Elbow Pain Treatment Singapore

Elbow Pain

Golfers & Tennis Elbow Pain Treatment In Singapore

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Though the elbow is a non-weight bearing joint, it is just as susceptible to injury as other parts of the body.

Injuries in the elbow are primarily causes by strains from the frequent use of the joint. Most every day activities and tasks will require repetitive hand and arm movements. Apart from over usage, abrupt movements against resistance such as breaking a fall may also cause injury to the elbow.

The two common types of elbow pain are known as Golfer’s elbow and Tennis elbow. 


Golfers Elbow

Golfers elbow is a condition that refers to pain experienced on the inside of the elbow. This is caused by the swelling and inflammation of one of the tendons that join the elbow to forearm muscles. 

Golfers elbow is typically caused by over usage of the common flexor muscles in the forearm. That is also how this condition got its name, as the forearm’s common flexor muscle is one often used whilst playing golf. Apart from golf, this condition is also often the result of upper limb gym workouts, long hours of work or a traumatic injury from a fall. 

Some of the symptoms of Golfers elbow include:

  • Pain experienced on the inside of the elbow when making a fist or twisting the wrist. 

  • Worsening pain when lifting heavy objects with the palms facing up

  • Reduced strength in the wrist or hands

  • Stiffness in the elbow

Tennis Elbow

On the other hand, Tennis elbow refers to pain experienced when the forearm muscles on the outer side of the elbows are strained. Tennis elbow pain is usually felt in the tendons of the forearm muscles, in the forearm and the wrist.

This condition occurs when there is an over usage of the forearm muscles and can be experienced by anyone who uses these muscles on a regular basis. Those who work in occupations that require regular repetitive movements of the arms such as chefs, carpenters and plumbers are more susceptible to developing this condition. Additionally, Tennis elbow is a condition common in those aged between 30 and 50 years old. Practising racquet sports such as squash, badminton and tennis without proper stroke techniques will also increase the risk of contracting Tennis elbow. 

Common symptoms of Tennis elbow include:

  • Pain spreading down the arm to the wrists

  • Pain or tenderness on the outer forearm

  • Pain when extending the arm fully

  • Difficultly grasping objects due to a weak grip

Elbow Pain Treatment at Affinity Pain Clinic

While home remedies such as cold or warm compresses may help to alleviate the pain temporarily, it is best to seek professional help for an accurate diagnosis. At Affinity Pain Clinic Singapore, our advanced evidence-based assessment and intervention are a more in-depth treatment as compared to home remedies.


Our team, led by Dr. Daniel Phang, a certified pain management physician with extensive experience in image-guided intervention, strives to deliver the most accurate and cost-effective elbow pain treatment in Singapore.

Drop us a call at +65 6429 1335 or +65 8023 3065 or an email at for any further queries.

Tennis Elbow Treatment Singapore
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