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About Affinity Pain

We are a medical clinic and seek to apply up-to-date evidenced-based therapy, be cost effective and advocate for every patient we attend to.

Pain is complex and may have multiple inciting factors. Our assessment and intervention are based upon current international recommended practices.


Essentially, we will not do what is deemed to lack benefit or worse, cause patient harm.

Pain Conditions

We provide a comprehensive range of customized consultations and minimally-invasive pain relief solutions for your acute and chronic pain issues. Pain conditions we attend to include Headaches & Migraines, Neck & Back Pain, Joint Pain, Sport Injuries, Acute & Chronic Pain and Cancer Pain


Headaches are a very common condition that most people will experience many times during their lives.

Such pain is commonplace and may arise due to work, illness or injury. Our minimally invasive interventions are safe and spare patients unnecessary surgery.

Injuries arising from an active lifestyle have to be managed quickly. This is minimise sedentary downtime and return to activity, even for the non competitive sports person.

Image by Road Trip with Raj
Image by National Cancer Institute

Pain in our joints reduce mobility. Our assessments and treatments are aimed at improving mobility, reducing pain and helping patients who may not be suitable for surgery.

There are numerous pain syndromes not listed under our broad headings, but that does not mean they are less important. These include fibromyalgia, facial pains and pain from herpes zoster, to name a few.

Terminal illness brings about an entire host of concerns, both for the patient and family. Pain is usually intractable and difficult to manage with just medication. We seek to bridge that pain gap, so as to enable more quality family time spent. 


Dr Daniel Phang

Anaesthesiology & Pain Management Specialist

MBBS (Singapore), M.Med (Anaesthesia), FIPP (USA), CIPS (USA) , FAMS

Dr Daniel Phang is a Singapore-certified anaesthesiologist and pain management physician. He is proficient in assessing and managing pain conditions through the use of image-guided intervention. These conditions range from musculoskeletal and mechanical, to degenerative, accident-related or caused by various disease and illness.

Payment Schemes

At Affinity Pain, we understand that healthcare costs are a concern. We are therefore Medisave-accredited to help with hospitalisation and procedural costs. We also work with esteemed insurance partners to ensure that your pain management journey is as financially seamless as possible.


Feel free to reach out to us if you require any assistance. You may also contact your insurance agent for more information

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Enquiry / Consultation

Contact us at +65 6429 1335 or +65 8023 3065 to book an appointment, or you can send us your message below to discuss a customized pain relief solution for you. We will get back to you soon as soon as possible.

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What People Say About Us

It’s lovely to hear your feedback! We rely on patient like you to let us know what we’re doing right to continue to provide the optimal care experience to our patient. If there’s anything else you think we could do to upgrade our service, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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