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What Can Possibly Happen When You Ignore A Muscle Tear?

What Can Possibly Happen When You Ignore A Muscle Tear?

Muscle tears are one of the most common sports injuries in the world. Most muscle tears do not require surgery, and a complete recovery is expected. However, in some instances, it may be necessary to seek muscle tear treatment in Singapore. Muscle tears can happen any time your muscle becomes overstretched or strained. This can occur as a consequence of overuse, improper use, fatigue, and exhaustion.

Although any muscle can be affected, muscle tears most often take place in the lower back, shoulder, neck, and hamstring. When you tear a muscle, you will know right away, as you are likely to experience pain, soreness, swelling, and spasms in the affected area. To understand more about this, here is some important information you should know about recovering from a muscle tear and what is likely to happen if you ignore it.

Understanding How Muscles Heal

Individuals who experience a muscle tear do not seek medical attention immediately. Generally, a medical appointment with their doctor is arranged when there is excessive and prolonged pain, inability to use the injured limb or put weight on that injured body part. To most people, a muscle tear is not a broken bone that causes excessive pain or deformity requiring medical intervention at the soonest possible time. However, this is actually not the case at all times.

When a muscle tear occurs, the muscles have been overworked or stretched too quickly. As your body starts to repair itself, your muscle fibres regenerate, and your connective scar tissue begins to form. This process is done with the aid of the collagen in your body. However, the new fibres never fully return to their original formation. With this less-organised muscle formation and scar tissue healing, the healed muscle can end up being weaker.

What Happens When You Ignore a Muscle Tear

Having a weaker muscle as a result of a muscle tear can have significant impact especially on athletes. When an athlete ignores the muscle tear injury, it can affect their future performance and worsen the problem, even when they think the muscle has already healed. Athletes who return right away to the intensity of regular games and practices after a muscle injury have a higher likelihood of experiencing re-injury and further muscle damage.

This is similar for non-competitive individuals. Working through your injury or returning to your job after a muscle tear without seeking medical attention can ultimately worsen your injury. This is because your muscles do not heal properly, and the rest of your body needs to compensate for the weakened area. This can then lead to additional strain, overuse injuries and the resulting instability may lead to falls and fractures.

Daily low-intensity and repetitive motions may cause or worsen muscle tear injuries. You are likely to notice swelling or a burning pain in the affected area, when doing mundane activities, such as climbing stairs. If not addressed early, the muscle tear may worsen, thereby causing a rupture or a complete tear.

Unless your muscle injury is addressed, it may develop into permanent muscle damage and may even cause the skeletal structure of your body to experience a degree of instability. This will not only reduce your physical functionality and performance but will also decrease the range of your motion and result in postural problems. In some cases, sleep disturbances may even occur because of the muscle or nerve pain or chronic headaches that follow the injury.


Although the RICE method (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) can help treat sprains and minor overuse injuries, more serious muscle tears may already require medical attention. If you think your torn muscle requires more than just rest and a cold compress, but you are still confused about whether it is worth going to the doctor, the answer to your question is most definitely a yes! It is always better to go the extra mile of consulting a medical specialist than to regret having permanent muscle damage later on.

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