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Therapeutic Injections

Therapeutic Injections

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This option of pain intervention usually involves a mixture of steroids and local anaesthetic. They may augment radiofrequency procedures, or be performed as a sole procedure.


The following is a list of areas that may be injected to reduce your pain symptoms.

  1. Nerve blocks

  2. Joints

  3. Epidurals

  4. Lumbar Sympathetic Chain

Spinal Cord Implants and Stimulation

This is an advanced pain procedure to either place opioids/ local anaesthetic in the spinal cord (usually for terminal pain) or have electrodes generating pulses to change the way the spinal cord interprets pain signals.

It usually involves two steps. The first determines how favorably the recipient responds to the trial and the second step is the permanent implantation of device. Occasionally the first step may be omitted.

As placement of any implants in the body is a commitment, the process usually involves careful discussion prior to the procedure.

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